Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Credibility of the National Pet Rescue Examiner Called into Question


Ursula said...

You should look into Moore's Equine Rescue page on Facebook. I think it may be a scam. Seems unlikely that all ~50 horses can be saved every week. It appears there are many people benefitting, like haulers, people who do quarantine, etc. Many people collect donations to save horses, like Leslie MacCardel (sp?), but there is no accountability. Donations are not accounted for, saved horses are never listed with new owners. I think a lot of people are being scammed to give money and the horses end up at slaughter anyway. Some people have agreed to house horses after the donations are collected by a select few other friends of Jen Hamilton, but suspiciously the horses die in quarantine and never make it to their new home. This entire thing is happening at Brian Moore's barn in PA.

Anonymous said...

I don't want my name seen but 27 horses were up for bail; at moores this w2eek and I would say like 23 were totally unsound you could not miss it and they say it is under new management now bullshit the moores brian and jen are still running it the horses are being shown at there barn something needs to be people now how much money they make a week I see brian bidding at new Holland ,I go once a year and there he is buying horses,and he is there today its Monday and tomorrow he will have more pitiful horses up for sale for people to feel sorry for with the talk of them going to slaughter on sat ,how did 22 horses get saved from this past thurs till sat in two days wow does the irs know how much he really makes a week?????

ByteG8S said...

@Ursula and Anonymous, there is no doubt in my mind that Brian Moore is running a scam with his "rescue". I'm sure that he got so accustomed to the money he was getting through AC4h that he couldn't bear to give it up and started his own shady operation.

I have to wonder if Christy isn't involved in this to some extent, and I'll tell you why I feel this way. If you watch the videos on Brian Moore's rescue page, there is absolutely NO audio commentary, which makes me think Christy is the one behind the camcorder as she has such a distinctive voice, which would be immediately recognized by those who are familiar with her. I will admit there is no proof of this, but ever since the FBI raid and the PA state department of charities' shutdown of AC4h, what has she been doing to support her family?

Certainly not by holding down a regular job like the majority of the U.S. population. Her new iLiveStream Horse Auctions venture, just kicked off with an auction during the Fourth of July weekend, so where/how has the Sheidy family been living since the shutdown and then? There are a lot of questions in my mind that need to be answered, and hopefully the FBI investigation, which is still ongoing, can provide answers.